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Glossary of Spanish Food Words

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Word or Term Definition
bacalao dried, salt cod, highly popular in the Basque region of Spain. Bacalao must be soaked for about 24 hours before use to remove the excess salt, and to rehydrate the fish.
barbacoa / parrillada barbeque
barra loaf of bread / baguette
batido de leche milkshake
batir whisk
bechamel a basic cream sauce made of butter, flour and milk
bellota acorn
berenjena eggplant, aubergine
berro watercress
besugo sea bream
bien hecho well cooked meat
bistec beef steak
blanquear to blanch or pre-cook in boiling water
bocadillo Spanish sandwich, usually made from length of barra /baguette
boquerónes fresh white anchovies marinated in vinegar
borraja borage
brochettes Long metal or wooden skewers onto which ingredients such as lamb, pork, mushrooms, vegetables may be threaded.
brotes de ajo garlic sprouts
bullit de peix (Cat.) mixed fish soup-stew, similar to sopa de marisco (Ibiza)
Burgos, Queso de a mild, pleasantly flavored cheese of sheep's milk, produced in and around the city of Burgos It is a fresh cheese, best eaten within a few days after it is made. Queso de Burgos is often served for dessert, sometimes with a topping of walnuts and honey. A fresh mozzarella has a similar texture and flavor.
butifarra a mild pork sausage (white or black in color) used extensively in Catalán cooking. Spices, such as cinnemon, nutmeg and clove, are often used for flavoring - although they vary from region to region, and the sausage itself can be fresh or cured..

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