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Glossary of Spanish Food Words

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Word or Term Definition
de grano grueso coarse
de horno ovenproof
degustacion tasting or sampling of food or drink
dehuesado boned
dejar en adobo, marinar marinade, marinate
denomination de origen (D.O.) an official system of quality control and protecting the quality and authenticity of speciality products and wines
derretido melted
derretir melt
desalar to remove the salt from a salt cured product, such as cod or bacalao, by soaking it in water
desayuno breakfast
descamar remove scales from fish
desgrasar skimming fat from the surface of a soup
despensa larder
despepitar to remove the seeds or stones from fruit or vegetables
dientes de ajo cloves of garlic
doblar fold
dorada gilthead bream fish
dorado browned, fried golden yellow
dorar to brown
dulce sweet

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