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Glossary of Spanish Food Words

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Word or Term Definition
embutidos a generic term for sausage meats, whether cured, cooked, or fresh.
empanada In Galicia a flat, thin pie or turnover with a variety of fillings such as tuna with peppers and tomato.
empanadilla small empanada turnover stuffed with tuna, minced meat, spm,i, I raisins, etc.
en lata tinned, in a can
en papillote cooked in foil
en su jugo in its own juices
en trozos sliced
en trozos menudos finely chopped
en vez de instead of
encebollado cooked with fried onion, especially liver or tuna
encender to ingnite
encina holm oak
endibias endives
endivia, (in coffee) achicoria chicory
endulzante sweetener
endulzar, azucarar to sweeten
eneldo dill
enfriar chill
engrasado greased
engrasar to oil
ensalada salad
entero whole
entradas/entremeses starters, hors d'oeuvres
escabeche pickling marinade, usually made of oil, vinegar, peppercorns, bay leaves, and/or spices.
escaldar to scald
escalfado poached
escalivada salad of charcoal-grilled vegetables
escanciar to aerate cider by pouring it from a height into a glass.
escurrir drain
espárrago asparagus
espaguetis spaghetti
espesar thicken
espeso stiff
espesura, grueso thickness
espinacas spinach
espuma foam
espumadera slotted spoon
estofado stew
exprimir squeeze

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