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Glossary of Spanish Food Words

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Word or Term Definition
fécula potato starch
fava beans large, bright-green beans, also known as broad beans, are normally sold as dried beans. If bought frozen, or fresh, the beans areremoved from their pods, blanched in boiling water, and slipped out of their skins.
fideo thin macaroni-like pasta
fideua (Cat.) pasta-based paella-type dish made in the paella, originating in Alicante.
fino a pale crisp white sherry of around 15 per cent alcohol, generally from Jerez de la Frontera and Puerto de Santa María. It is the traditional Andalusian accompaniment to appetizers, tapas, and seafood
flauta thin, crisp, baguette-style loaf of bread
fonda lodging house, in Catalonia, also implies restaurant
fondo pan juices after cooking meat or fish
formas shapes
freír to fry
freiduria fried fish shop
fresa strawberry
fricando traditional Catalan beef stew
frigorífico refrigerator
frijol lima bean
frito fried in oil;often coated in egg and flour before frying as in fish and shell fish
frotar to rub
fruta fruit
fuego fuerte high heat
fumet A concentrated aromatic stock, usually made from fish but sometimes from poultry, used to flavor other stocks and sauces.

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