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Glossary of Spanish Food Words

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Word or Term Definition
gachas savory porridge with fried tocino, panceta, etc. ,
gallego a native of Galicia, and the language spoken there.
galleta cookie
galleta salada pretzel
gallina hen
gamba prawn, shrimp
ganbas al ajillo garlic shrimp fried in garlic and hot peppers
gancho de carnicero meat hook
garbanzos chick peas
garrofo large flat white bean, used in paella
gaza game, game dishes
gazpacho cold soup from Andalucía. Contains tomato, cucumber, bread, onion
gelatina jelly
glasear to glaze or coat with sugar or friut preserves
granizado water ice
granos de pimienta peppercorns
grasa grease
gratinado cooked au gratin -with cheese
gratinar to grill
grisín, colín bread stick
grueso, espeso thick
guarnición garnish
guayaba guava
guindillas long, moderately hot Spanish chilis - especially popular in the Basque Country. Picked while still green, they are most commonly sold preserved in vinegar
guisado braised, fried and then cooked in liquid
guisantes peas
guitar las espinas to fillet (fish)

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