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Glossary of Spanish Food Words

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Word or Term Definition
habas broad beans
habas con jamón see recipe
habas/ habichuelas/ alubias/ frijoles/ judias beans
habichuelas (Méx) ejote green beans
hacer puré mash
hake Merluza - a mild-flavored, large-flaked, white-fleshed fish very popular with Spanish cooks. Cod or another large-flaked white fish can be used as a substitute in recipes.
harina flour
harina de maíz corn flour
helado ice cream
herboristeria shop specializing in herbs, natural remedies, etc.
hervir boil
hierba herb
hierba doncella myrtle, periwinkle
hierbabuena mint
hierbaluisa lemon verbena
higado liver
higo fig
higo chumbo prickly pear
hinojo fennel
hoja leaf
hoja del cuchillo blade of a knife
hojaldre puff pastry
hojas leaves
horchata made from ground chufa nuts ( tiger nuts), it is a sweet cool milky drink originating in Valencia.
horno oven
horreo a granite drying shed for corn, found in Galicia and Asturias,
hueco dent
huerto/huerta vegetable patch, especially a vegetable-producing garden close to the city
hueso/espina bone
hueva cured and pressed fish roe, normally tuna or grey mullet
huevo egg
huevo duro hard boiled egg
huevos estrellados fried egg and potato hash

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