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Glossary of Spanish Food Words

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Word or Term Definition
maíz tierno sweet corn
Macedonia mixture of diced vegetables or fruits.
machacar grind
maduro ripe
magdalena sweet breakfast cupcake
magro lean (meat)
Mahon, Queso de from the island of Menorca and is a mild semi-soft, cow's-milk cheese with a unique taste-a little like a Gouda.
majado, majao a mixture of spices, herbs, often added in the final stages of cooking, prepared in a mortar and pestle
Majorero, Queso de a semi-cured goat cheese from Fuentevantura in the Canary Islands. It acquires its uniquee flavor from the marjoram on which the goats graze.
malaga wine An intense raisin-flavored fortified Spanish wine, generally served as a dessert wine or between meals. Strictly speaking, true Malaga wine is aged only in th province of Malaga.
manchego of the high mountain plane of La Mancha, sheep's cheese from that reagion: queso manchego
manchego cheese authentic Manchego cheese is made only from the whole milk of Manchega sheep reared in the La Mancha region. This semifirm cheese has a rich yet mellow flavor, and is used universally with ham, membrillo, sherry, almonds, olives.
Manchego, Queso de sheep's-milk cheese from Manchega ewes on the central plains of La Mancha. It is the cheese most widely available in Spain. It runs the range from semi-soft and mild to hard and sharp, depending on how long it has been cured. O variety is cured for several months in olive oil.
manteca lard
mantecado Christmas sweet made of almonds and lardt. The most crumbly version is called polvoron
mantequilla butter
manzana apple
manzanilla a dry, light,crisp wine, similar to fino sherry, produced exclusively in Sanlucar de Barrameda; or chamomile for tea; or variety of table olive
mar i muntanya "sea and mountain," any dish combining seafood and meat: "Surf & turf"
marinate raw meat or fish put into a mixture of flavors before being cooked. Marinades also often help to tenderize meat. A typical marinade may contain wine, vinegar, citrus juice, or oil, together with herbs, garlic, bay leaves, and spices.
marinera general term for seafood cookery, as in cocina marinera
marisco shellfish
mariscos seafood
marmitako tuna and potato casserole from the Basque Country
masa dough
matanza traditional sacrificing and processing of a pig
mayonesa mayonnaise
mazapan a Christmas sweet made solely of ground almonds and honey.
mejillon mussel
melón melon
melaza molasses
melocotón peach
membrillo quince
menestra vegetable medley made mostly in the spring, originally from Navarra. It may also contain lamb or chicken.
menta mint
menu de gustacion tasting menu
merendero picnic site, snack bar
merienda afternoon snack
merluza hake, served lightly fried in Andalucía, or with salsa verde (parsley and olive oil) in the North
mezclar mix
michirones a recipe from Murcia made from dried broad beans
miel honey
miel de cana sugar cane syrup
migas fried bread crumbs with garlic, chopped panceta, tocino, red pepper,.
mixed herbs A collection of commer­cially available dried herbs.
mojama dry cured salted fish, usually tuna
mojo sauce from the Canary Islands,such as mojo picón (spicy), mojo verde with coriander
molido, pulverizado ground
mollejas, lechecillas sweetbreads
mollete muffin
mona an Easter speciality of Catalonia -authentixcally is a rich brioche
mongetes popular Catalán dish of white beans and grilled sausage
mora blackberry
morcón blood sausage
morcilla a Spanish blood sausage often used in stews and sliced and fried as an accompaniment to eggs or as an appetizer. Often combined with rice or onion.
morros snout, "face" meat, usually of pork or beef
mortadela fine-ground pork slicing sausage used in sandwiches, unlike Italian mortadella, the Spanish version often includes olives
mortero mortar, usually used for crushing spices, garlic, or herbs
mostaza mustard
mostaza mustard
muslo de pollo chicken drumstick

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