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Glossary of Spanish Food Words

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Word or Term Definition
pa amb tomaquet Catalan tapa: bread or toast rubbed with olive oil and fresh crushed tomato
paella a saffron & rice cassarole garnished with rabbit, chicken, mussels shell fish dish cooked in a flat shallow pan, also called a paella
palitos de queso cheese straws
pan bread
pan ázimo, pan sin levadura unleavened bread
pan de molde sliced bread
pan duro stale bread
pan integral whole wheat bread
panceta cured pork belly
panellets almond macaroons, often encrusted with pine nuts or other nuts, made in Catalonia for the feast of Epiphany
panera bread box
papel de cocina paper towel for the kitchen
papillote a baked package of meat, poultry, or fish with other ingredients in foil, baking parchment, or waxed paper.
paprika pimentón de la Vera - smoked paprika unique to Spain - a key ingredient in chorizo and many cocidos. Comes as dulce/sweet; agridulce/bittersweet; and picante/hot. Pimentón de Murcia is not smoked, but rather sun dried witrh a distinct but more subdued flavor.
pargo common sea bream
pasa (de uva) raisin
pasta pasta
pastel cake
pasteleria pastries
pasteleria/pastisseria (Cat.) pastry shop
pata negra "black hoof" The term refers to the fabled Iberian pig, and the hams produced from it. By association "pata egra" refers to anything of superlative quality
patata frita french fries
patatas potatoes
patatas bravas fried potato pieces with spicy sauce
patatas fritas french fries
pato duck
pechuga de pollo chicken breast
pedazo grande wedge
Pedro Ximenez a sweet sherry with a raisin like flavor, made from grapes of that name Used in cooking and as an after dinner aperatif.
pelado peeled
pelar peel
pepinillo pickle
pepino cucumber
pepitas (trocitos) de pollo chicken nuggets
percebes goose barnacles scraped from the sheer granite cliffs of Galicia
perdiz partridge
perejil parsley
perro or perrito caliente hot dog
perrunilla sugary biscuit, made with lard
pescado fish
piña pineapple
piñones pine nut
picada pounded mixture of herbs, spices, garlic, bread, biscuits, etc., characteristic of Catalan cooking
picante spicy, hot
picar to chop
pico small toasted bread sticks served with tapas
piel/pelar skin
pimentón paprika
pimienta pepper
pimiento de Padron baby green pepper from Galicia, sauteed in extra virgin olive oil until blistered, and then sprikled with sea salt. Served as a tapa. Most of the identical little peppers are mild, but every fifth or sixth one is extremet hot! Some people call it Spanish roulette.
pimiento de piquillo small, red, peppers with a pointed end. The best come from Lodosa in Navarra. Eaten as tapas or stuffed with fish or meat
pimiento rojo red pepper
pimiento verde green pepper
pintxo the Basque word for tapas. The best come from towns along the coast stretching from Bilbao, Zarautz to San Sebastian
piperrada Basque dish of peppers (capsicum), tomato, onion, etc.
pisto originally from La Mancha, a more concentrated version of ratatouille made from fried peppers, onion, tomato, garlic, zucchini, eggplant. .
pizca pinch
plátano banana
plato plate, dish, course
plato principal, segundo plato main course
pochar to fry until soft
pollo chicken
poner arrange
poner trocitos encima dot with (butter)
postre dessert
potaje leek and potato soup, or a similar stew
pringa cabbage, bean, and meat stew typical of Western Asturias
prueba foodstuffs
puñado Gallego specialty, boiled and sliced octopus with cooked potato, olive oil, pimenton, and sea salt, served on a wooden plate
puchero formerly a trial sample of sausage mixture fried up for testing at the matanza, now has become a dish in its own right
puerros terra cotta cooking pots, also Andalusian one-pot stew, similar to cocido
pulpo a feira Gallego term referring to to places serving octopus (pulperia in Castilian)
punto de ebullición handful
punto de fusión boiling point

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