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Glossary of Spanish Food Words

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Word or Term Definition
rábano radish
rabo de buey oxtail
rallado grated
ramita sprig
rape monkfish
ratio de toro bull's tail
rebozar to coat ingredients such as meat, fish, vegetables in flour, egg, and breadcrumbs before frying
receta recipe
reducir reduce
rehogar previously cooked vegetables in olive oil sauteed
rellenar to sauce, toss in oil
relleno stuffed, filled
requeson a fresh cheese that is similar to ricotta or cottage cheese.
revuelto scrambled eggs
riñon kidney
ribeiro white wine from Galicia
rociando basting
rollito To smooth out pastry dough to an even thickness with a rolling pin. Always roll in one direction, not backward and forward, turning the dough frequently.
romero rosemary
romesco a sauce made of pounded almonds, hazelnuts, garlic, tomato, olive oil typical of Tarragona
Roncal, Queso del produced in the Spanish Pyrenees from cow and sheep milk. It has the consistency of a medium-hard Parmesan but is milder and smoother than the Italian cheese. It is similar to Queso Manchego
rosquilla doughnut

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