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Glossary of Spanish Food Words

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Word or Term Definition
tapadera seive
tapas hors d'ouvres
tarta de queso cheese cake
taza para medir measuring cup
ternera picada minced beef
Tetilla, Queso de cow's-milk cheese from Galicia.It gets its name because of its resemblance to a woman's breast. Creamy but never bland, it has with a lingering pungency. Monterey Jack cheese has a similar creamy consistency but lacks the character of Tetilla cheese.
tibio beef
tierno tender, fresh
tocino bacon
tocino de cielo "heavenly bacon," a sweet made of egg yolks and sugar
Torta del Casar an extraordinary sheep's milk cheese shaped like a pie or tart, made only in Casar, a village near Caceres in Extremadura. Popular since medieval times, it is very soft and creamy, perfect to dip into with crusty bread.
tortilla an egg and potato based omelet
tortilla de patatas Spanish potato omelet
tortillita de camaron shrimp egg fritters, made with a thin batter and sizzled a la plancha
Tronchon, Queso de a white semi-cured sheep's milk cheese from the village of Tronchon in Aragon, was famous as far back as the sixteenth century and mentioned in Don Quijote de La Mancha. Although village cheese making disappeared in recent decades, it has now been revived.
trucha trout
Turron an almond and honey confection of Arab origin now made in Jijona, Alicante and other regions. It comes as "Duro" a hard crunchy brittle (Alicante style) and "blando" in a soft halvah like bar (Jijona style). Available all year, but especially consumed during the Christmas season .
txakoli acidic white wine from Basque country
txistorra, chistorra long thin sausage sold in coils, of Basque/Navarrese origin
txoko a Basque gastronomic society

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