Taste, Amplified: José Andrés' Spanish Pantry Staples

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September 6, 2017

Food & Wine Staff

Want to know how to cook like a chef? First you have to shop like one. José Andrés gives us his 10 essentials for your home pantry. "To me, there is nothing better than that moment when paper-thin slices of sweet, nutty Ibérico ham melt on your tongue," he told Food & Wine. 

Jamón Ibérico
“I can’t get enough jamón and I have three favorites that are available in the US—Cinco Jotas (from $35), Covap (from $25) and Fermín (from $10)—all from southwestern Spain. That region has lots of delicious acorns to fatten up the pigs.” All from latienda.com.

Sherry Vinegar
“Vinegar from Jerez, like Vinagre de Jerez El Majuelo (which you can sometimes find online), is so complex and bold. It’s a key ingredient in my gazpacho. Cepa Vieja sherry vinegar by Vinagres de Yema ($26; latienda.com) is another to seek out.”

Canned Seafood
“Spain’s most delicious conservas come from the Galician coast, close to where I grew up. Razor clams, mussels, octopus, sardines and more are preserved right on the coast to keep the beautiful taste of the ocean. My wife knows this about me: I only bring out the best tins when my close friends are visiting!” Ramón Peña, from $15; Los Peperetes from José Andrés Foods, from $20; both from latienda.com. 

“Packed in vinegar with a tangy, sharp flavor, these long and thin peppers are traditional to the Basque region. Their brightness will light up your taste buds.” El Navarrico, $15; latienda.com.


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