The 17 Absolute Best, Wirecutter-Approved Mother’s Day Gifts Under $35

The New York Times


April 17, 2020

Dorie Chevlen

If money were no object, I’m sure most of us would choose to buy our mothers castles, islands, or their dream homes. But, of course, money is an object, and a lot of us are in the position of having, well, not so much of it. But fret not, oh cash-strapped progeny! You can still show the mom in your life that you care, without breaking the bank. Below, we’ve rounded up our favorite gifts that are available for $35 or less.

1880 Alicante Turrón Candy ($15 at the time of publication)

Spanish candies
You probably know what the mom in your life turns to when she wants a sweet fix (for my own mother, it’s a rare, chocolate-dipped biscotti sold only at the T.J.Maxx in Boardman, Ohio). Yet, if you want to surprise her with something new (or if you don’t have a T.J.Maxx near you), then these elegant almond candies from Spanish food purveyor La Tienda are a great choice and come recommended by Wirecutter staff editor Winnie Yang. The whole roasted Marcona almonds are blended with Spanish orange blossom honey for a treat your mom will love—and hopefully even share.

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