33 Holiday Gifts to Give Your Bf, Bff, and Your Baby



December 11, 2017

Laurel House

Whether it’s a gift for your BF, BFF, or your Baby (no really, your child), the two keys are: Communication and Thought.

The #1 holiday gift mistake made is lack of communication.

The #2 holiday gift mistake made is lack of thought.


How important are the holidays to your partner? How have they historically spent them? Ask questions and tell stories about what the holidays mean to eachother. What your favorite holiday memories are. How do you spend the holidays? Not only are you learning more about your partner, about their family, friends, traditions, and values, but you are also learning their preferences when it comes to gifts- both giving and receiving. Talking about the holidays can be very revealing.


More than anything else, your gift should be thoughtful. As you are talking about the holidays, you can even ask what their favorite gifts are that they have received over the years. Again, you are collecting information. Do they value experiential gifts, the gifts of time, or a certain type of present? This doesn’t mean that you need to ask: “What do you want for the holidays?” But if you listen you will be able to come up with at least a preferred style, and from there you can select something that has the highest chances of them loving.

So what do you give? Here are ideas to give your BF, BFF, and your Baby.

Love his Stomach- LaTienda Paella and Churros AND Chocolate

Date nights aren’t just about going out, sitting across the table in a busy restaurant and attempting to have a romantic conversation while ignoring the regular interruptions from the server. Do you know what’s intensely better- both as a shared experience and an opportunity to deepen and expand your relationship? Staying in and cooking together! Shared experiences and working towards a common goal are shown to bond couples. Make that common goal to prepare paella for dinner, then churros and chocolate for dessert and you have perfected the date night. Not to mention that LaTienda Mini Paella is sexy to make and the Churros and Chocolate are sexy to eat. Enjoy!

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