3 Reasons To Stay Home For Valentine’s Day & Tapas Giveaway

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February 11, 2017

Theresa Pickett

Whether you have been married for decades or only a few years, you should do something special for Valentine’s Day. Even a small gesture helps commemorate the love that you share. If you’re looking for an enjoyable, simple Valentine’s Day evening, look no further than your own home.

Years ago, going out to a fancy restaurant was the most special way to spend the holiday. Now that I have children, staying in has more of an appeal to me. Even at home, our celebrations can continue. Check out three reasons why you can have an excellent evening at home.

Your evening has a more intimate setting

Skip the long lines, waiting, and crowds. Even if you get a nice reservation, restaurants will be packed for Valentine’s Day, and movie theaters will be too. With so many people going out, you will have a better chance of reconnecting by staying home.

Even though some of the most memorable evenings I’ve had out involve incredible food, I also have vivid memories of crowds. Over the years, staying home started to sound more appealing. I can relax, wear something comfy, and be myself.

Instead of stressing over making homemade food, try a Tapas for Two Gift Box of Spanish Food from La Tienda. We sampled this delicious collection of food over the weekend. Instead of everyone chowing down on pizza and then heading off to do separate activities, we enjoyed taking time to catch up as we ate. Since tapas, or small dishes, are perfect for snacking, they lead to good conversation.

Staying in and eating good food is my ideal way to spend Valentine’s Day. Whether we cook something nice or eat tapas together, keeping the evening simple will make everyone happy.

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