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Artisan Manchego Cheese Flight by Peregrino - 3 Wedges, Gift Wrapped


Artisan Manchego Cheese Flight by Peregrino - 3 Wedges, Gift Wrapped

Young, Semi-Aged and Reserva Manchego | CS-165

All Natural

cs-165 cs-165
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  • Spain's classic cheese
  • Three levels of aging
  • DPO Manchego from La Mancha
  • Small family owned cheesemaker
  • Attractively gift wrapped
  • Size - 3 wedges - 8.8 oz/250gr each

Discover the true flavor of fine Manchego cheese with this beautifully packaged collection. All three Manchegos start with ultra fresh raw milk from the Alvarez estate, and different aging periods create a delicious variety of flavor intensity and aroma. Serve this flight of cheeses with a bottle of your favorite wine and discover what Manchego is really about.

Start your tasting with the mild young Manchego, aged for about three months. Each bite has a smooth, slightly creamy texture and mild sharpness with pleasant herbal notes. Next, try the bolder semi-aged Manchego, aged for at least 6 months. A firmer, denser bite gives way to a bright sharpness and complex nutty flavor. Finally try the reserva, aged for nearly a year. With a dense, almost crumbly texture and pronounced sharpness, it has a bold flavor that lingers on the palate.

The Alvarez Valera family has crafted Manchego cheese for four generations. They raise their own flock of Manchega breed sheep, ensuring the freshest, finest quality milk for making cheeses. Unlike the bland industrial Manchego you may have tried from the supermarket, these cheeses have a complexity of flavor that only comes from the finest raw milk and artisan methods.

This collection is packed by hand with an attractive ribbon to make the perfect gift for the cheese lover.


Raw manchego sheep's milk, salt, rennet, egg lysozyme, and lactic ferments.

All information listed on our website, including nutrient content information, ingredient lists, and information relating to health claims is for informational purposes only and not provided as medical advice. You should carefully read all information in the actual product packaging and labels, including for food allergen, nutrient content and qualified health claims before using or consuming a product. La Tienda does not assume any liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.

Use and Care

These cheeses may be refrigerated up to 6 months when unopened, and 3 to 4 weeks after opening. We do not recommend freezing cheese as it degrades the quality of the product.

Eating the rinds is not recommended.

Spots on the exterior can be wiped off with a cloth lightly dampened with olive oil or can be cut off.

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