Artisan Tuna Empanada from Galicia by Ternura

Artisan Tuna Empanada from Galicia by Ternura

Handmade, Heat and Serve

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All Natural




  • Authentic tuna empanada
  • Handmade in Galicia
  • Heat and serve in 13 minutes
  • Crisp flaky crust
  • All natural
  • Size - 1.3 lbs/600 gr

This amazing tuna empanada is made by hand at Ternura, an artisan bakery in Galicia. With a crisp, golden crust and flavorful tuna and onion stuffing, this is the best empanada we have ever tried. Simply bake for 13 minutes and serve - your guests will think it is homemade. 

Empanadas are savory stuffed pastries, a classic in the northern region of Galicia. A slice of empanada is typically served as a tapa or an easy dinner. This empanada is over a pound and yields four big servings or eight tapa servings.

We visited the bakers in A Coruña, Galicia, to see for ourselves how the empanadas are made. The dough is mixed with mild paprika and Estrella Galicia beer for leavening - there was a keg and tap right there in the kitchen. The dough is rolled out, then filled with a mixture of tuna, onions and bell peppers. The top dough is then added, and the edges are formed by hand. Then it is baked and flash frozen, preserving it in perfect condition.

Owners Javier and José Antonio run a renowned gourmet food shop and bakery in A Coruña called La Tienda de Lino. Their handmade empanadas became famous across Galicia for their flaky crust and delicious fillings. So the friends decided to open a small production bakery to offer a frozen version of their empanadas. They named it Ternura, which means ‘tender’, to represent their hands-on artisan methods and the texture of their amazing empanadas.

The empanada originated in Galicia, a region in northwest Spain known for its maritime heritage. It started as a practical meal for sailors and travelers, a convenient way to carry cooked fillings wrapped in pastry. The name "empanada" comes from the Spanish word "empanar," meaning "to wrap in bread." Today, they are popular not only in Spain but also globally, celebrated for their taste and historical significance in Spanish cuisine.

Your empanada will arrive frozen. Do not thaw before baking. All natural, no artificial preservatives.