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Baby Manchego Cheese by Ponce de Leon

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Baby Manchego Cheese by Ponce de Leon

Mild and Creamy

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  • Aged only 90 days
  • Handmade in small batches
  • Young and fresh
  • Firm and buttery
  • Size - 14.7 oz/417 gr wheel

Manchego is a quintessential Spanish cheese. Originating in the La Mancha region of Spain, it is made exclusively from the milk of Manchega sheep. With a pale yellow to white coloration, it is firm, buttery and slightly piquant. Being a sheep’s milk cheese, however, it has a rich, melty quality.

The pattern embedded in the rind speaks to the traditional aging of the cheese in grass baskets. Just as you would expect, the flavor is rich, yet has a slight bite.

Each mini wheel would make an excellent focal point for a cheese tray, or a great gift for a Manchego lover. Pairs well with membrillo, Marcona almonds and a glass of sherry.

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