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Black Traditional Handmade Bota Wineskin

Image for Black Traditional Handmade Bota Wineskin

Black Traditional Handmade Bota Wineskin

Classic Pitch Lined Bota - Peregrino Brand | BB-07

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  • Real bota wineskin from Spain, not a cheap imitation
  • Handmade - 40 step process
  • Classic pitch lined interior
  • Flawless goat suede
  • Will last a lifetime
  • Size - 1 liter/1.05 quarts

A true bota wineskin from Spain is a work of art, handmade with expertise handed down from generation to generation. A wine-filled bota is excellent for picnics, hikes or any journey. Its soft goat black suede exterior is comfortable and attractive. Share a sip of wine with your companions and add the romance of old Spain to your next get-together.

This traditional version of the bota is made the same way it has been for countless generations. Don't fall for poorly made imitations made in China. Each bota is made from premium local goat hide by the famous bota-maker Jesus Blasco and branded with our Peregrino logo.

Making a bota takes expertise and patience. There are about 40 stages before the wineskin is ready to be used. The leather of our botas is cut and sewn by hand to make a tight pleating. Next, it is turned inside out and pitch is applied make it waterproof. Finally, the bota spout is attached and the final touches are added.

Our brand, Peregrino, means pilgrim in Spanish. Many of the pilgrims walking the road to Santiago de Compostela in Galicia carry a bota to refresh themselves and friends during their long journey.

Jesús Blasco is an ancient bota workshop in the ancient castle town of Sigüenza, about two hours northeast of Madrid. Since the 19th century, they've practiced the ancient method of bota making, using flawless local goat suede, wood tannins and natural pine pitch. To this day the company is run by descendants of the original founder, Julián Blasco.

Use and Care

Your bota will need to be prepared for use, as the pitch lining has a strong taste of its own.

Warm the bota in the sun so that the pitch within distributes evenly. Blow into the opening of the bota to inflate it, separating the sides; the warmer the pitch, the easier it will be to inflate the bota.

Add cold water and set the bota aside to cure. After a few days, replace the water with inexpensive wine and let it sit for at least a day. When you discard the wine your bota will be ready for use. If you still experience a pitch taste after curing, repeat the process using a cheap white liquor, like vodka.

After use, drain the contents and leave the cover off. Store your bota in a cool dry place.

If the bota is going to be unused for an extended period, deflate it and press the sides together to avoid the pitch settling in one area. Before use, repeat the curing process.

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