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Churro Maker + Chocolate Combo


Churro Maker + Chocolate Combo

Crunchy Churros & Thick Hot Chocolate

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  • Comes with classic recipe!
  • Includes Jolonca chocolate a la taza bar
  • High quality construction by Bernar
  • 5 different tips

Enjoying churros and 'chocolate a la taza' in the morning - or sometimes in the middle of the night - is one of the pleasures we look forward to every time we visit Spain. In every town and city in Spain the smell of churros freshly made by street vendors greets you. In Sevilla, for instance, there is a big churro stand right outside the fairgrounds of the Feria de Abril, always packed with visitors.

Our high quality churro maker brings this experience to your home. It is made in Spain by Bernar, the leading manufacturer of churro makers for generations. Each one includes a classic recipe and detailed instructions. We recommend cooking them in a deep fryer using vegetable oil, or lard, but you can also use a frying pan a couple of inches deep.

Served along with the churros, 'Chocolate a la Taza' is Spain's famous thick hot chocolate. Rich and creamy, it is thick enough to scoop with your churro. Just heat with some milk in a saucepan and you will be enjoying the classic combo in no time.

When we lived in the town of El Puerto de Santa María in the province of Cádiz thirty years ago, we would often see two families making churros by the market gates. The churro batter would sizzle in a cauldron of hot lard, as the husband would extrude the batter into long pretzel type shapes. Then his wife or son would take a thin iron rod to lift out the toasty churros as they became golden brown. They would snip them into handy pieces, fill up a cone made of a page from an old newspaper, sprinkle with sugar, and deliver them to you for 5 or 10 duros (5 peseta pieces).

In recent years the churro vendors have switched to sunflower oil, a nod to modern times, but in many towns you can still visit their stands as in years past.

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Customer Reviews

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  • "I bought the churro maker and chocolate as a Christmas gift for my daughter who loved churros from the moment she tried them in our first trip to Spain a few years ago. The items arrived quickly, within a couple of days of purchasing. She was thrilled with the gift and is planning to take it to college with her."

    C - Doylestown, PA January 2015

  • "both products work as i expected, "

    carlos - los angeles, CA February 2013

  • "this is so easy to use, I love churros y chocolate!"

    suzanne - May 2010

  • Vanessa - April 2009

  • luis - March 2009

  • Leacie - December 2008

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