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Churro Pastry Maker


Churro Pastry Maker

Comes With Recipe

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  • Comes with classic recipe!
  • 5 different tips
  • Best made in deep fryer with vegetable oil

Enjoying churros and chocolate is one of the pleasures we look forward to every time we visit Spain. In every town and city in Spain the smell of fresh churros greets you as you step into the street in the morning.

This high quality churro maker brings this experience to your home. It is made in Spain by Bernar, the leading manufacturer of churro makers for generations. They include a classic recipe and detailed instructions. We recommend cooking churros in a deep fryer using vegetable oil, or lard, but you can also use a frying pan.

In days gone by each municipal market had at least one churro maker. In El Puerto de Santa María where we lived, we would see two families making them by the market gates -- right around the corner from the man who had myriad varieties of olives from dozens of pails and barrels. The churro batter would sizzle in a cauldron of hot lard as the husband would flex his muscles to extrude the batter into long pretzel type shapes. Then his wife or son would take a thin iron rod to lift out the crisp-fried churros as they became golden brown. They would snip them into handy pieces, fill a cone made of a page from an old newspaper, sprinkle with sugar, and deliver them to you for 5 or 10 duros (5 peseta pieces).

In recent years the churro makers have gone 'high tech.' At the Spring Feria in Sevilla the neon signs generate excitement flashing 'churros y chocolate'.

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Customer Reviews

Average rating from 20 reviews
  • "I used the churro maker for the first time today. The results are quite good. I don't understand the people that say that the design is wrong. Being originally from Spain, I tell you that this is about the best churro dough and shape you will get as a non-professional. My tips to those who do not get their expected result. The dough should be equal volume of boiling water and BREAD flour, not packed plus a 1/4 tsp salt. Tighten up both ends well. Unscrew the shaft before attaching it, then attach it, otherwise you may loose the end while unscrewing it. Lastly, do not pour directly to the frying pan (until you become skillful). You may pour the churro dough to parchment paper and fry the churros once the cylinder is completely empty. You can even freeze them on a tray and bag them once they are frozen to use at a later time. Separating the process into two steps will hep tremendously and will help you clean the churro maker right away which is surprisingly easy provided that you do not let it dry. It is a great little kitchen accessory and i would recommend it to anyone willing to learn the art of churro making."

    Julian - Washington DC, DC December 2018

  • "Can't wait to use for special times...Love Churros"

    PEG - Mountain View, CA February 2018

  • "There is no good connection of parts. On our 3rd churro (2 minutes in), the bottom fell out with the churro shape plate and a cylinder of dough straight into the pot of hot oil. Melted the plastic instantly and now I have a $30 piece of melted junk. Not good design."

    Miller - Seattle, WA January 2018

  • "It seems to be a very great item to make churros. I plan to make it someday."

    George - Bradford, MA September 2017

  • "The round grip is difficult to hold. It really should be designed with ridges for easier handling especially with my husband's big hands."

    Esther - Glen Oaks, NY June 2016

  • "Product was exactly what we were expecting."

    JILL - SUFFOLK, Virginia June 2015

  • "simple and efficient for the price."

    maria - MELROSE PARK, IL November 2014

  • "Great Gift Idea"

    PHYLLIS - DUNSMUIR, CA November 2014

  • "easy to use once you get the right consistency of the churro mix"

    Chit - Richmond, BC April 2014

  • "Looks great, but I have not used yet. Looking forward to it, though"

    ROBERT - OCEANPORT, NJ March 2014

  • "It was good having freshly made churros while it lasted, unfortunately it didn't last very long (less than 2 months). The other thing that was annoying was that the handle was actually quite uncomfortable when pushing out the dough. All in all, not a good buy."

    Patrick - Cambridge, MA March 2014

  • "I have been using this product for years and it works great, very easy to use. I bought this one for my future daughter in law and she was thrilled."

    Maria - Lindenhurst, NY January 2013

  • Marco - December 2011

  • "In spite of having tightened the end of this maker before using, it loosened, fell off into the hot grease, and melted enough to make it useless- all before I finished my first batch of churros. Beware! This is not designed well!"

    maryd - June 2011

  • "After two uses it broke."

    Christine - May 2011

  • "This was exactly what I wanted. Would consider purchasing more for family members."

    Jackie - November 2010

  • "I used this on Saturday morning with the 3 granddaughters. The five year old helped with the dough and sugar and cinnamon coating. We doubled the recipe and ate them all. Easy to use and easy to clean."

    Beth - May 2010

  • "The churro pastry maker is very easy to manage. I have it for a while and use it often in the winter months, specially on sundays (when it is freezing cold out there) Wonderful treat to be enjoyed with company and a thick hot chocolate."

    Maria - January 2010

  • "I didn't even know these existed. It is very easy to use and clean. Highly recommend it."

    Carmelo - September 2009

  • "Excellant churro maker"

    Robert - October 2008

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