Churro Pastry Maker by Ibili

Churro Pastry Maker by Ibili

Churro Gun from Spain

Item: CW-01



  • Make authentic churros at home
  • Simple to use and clean
  • Comes with variety of attachments
  • For crispy churros pastries

Crunching on churros dipped in hot chocolate is one of the pleasures we look forward to every time we visit Spain. These classic pastries are a favorite breakfast throughout Spain and a typical snack at the local market.

This sturdy churro maker brings this experience to your home. The simple trigger mechanism allows you to expel a steady stream of dough for uniform churros. We recommend cooking churros in a deep fryer or a saucepan. The churro maker comes with a variety of attachments for different sizes and can also be used to make specialty cookies.

When we lived in El Puerto de Santa María, we looked forward to visiting the local market and buying freshly made churros at the local churrería – right around the corner from the man selling myriad varieties of olives from dozens of pails and barrels. The churro batter would sizzle in a cauldron of hot oil as the husband extruded the batter into long spirals. Then his wife or son would take a thin iron rod to lift out the crisp fried churros as they became golden brown. They would snip them into handy pieces and fill a cone made of a page from an old newspaper.

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