Churros and Chocolate Kit

Churros and Chocolate Kit

Churro Pastry Maker, Churro Mix and Taza Chocolate

Item: CW-27

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  • For fresh churros and thick hot chocolate at home
  • Imported churro maker
  • Special churro flour mix
  • Thick, creamy taza-style hot chocolate
  • Size - Mix: 18 oz/510 gr, Chocolate: 12.35 oz/350 gr

Hot, crunchy churros pastries dipped in thick, rich Spanish hot chocolate is one of our favorite comfort food combinations. On our trips to Spain, every morning we pass the small churrerías serving this irresistible Spanish confection to all who walk by. Now you can enjoy authentic churros at home with our churro and chocolate kit. In no time, you will be crunching on fresh churros dipped in outrageously thick hot chocolate.

For years, our customers asked us to find an authentic churro mix, so we worked with a chef in Spain to create the perfect blend of flours for a light, crunchy churro pastry. Our classic churro mix has just the right balance of lightness and elasticity - resulting in perfectly light, crisp churros. With this combo, you'll receive enough mix to make approximately 24 churros.

Our churro maker is made in Spain by Ibili. The simple trigger mechanism makes it easy to expel a steady stream of dough. We recommend cooking your churros in a deep fryer or a sauce pan filled with a couple of inches of oil.

Finally we have included a bar of stone ground ‘chocolate a la taza’ by Jolonch. Stir into simmering milk and watch it transform into a rich, thick brew, perfect for dipping churros.

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