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2 Packages of Artisan Cooking Chorizo Sausage by Peregrino


2 Packages of Artisan Cooking Chorizo Sausage by Peregrino

Featured in Food and Wine Magazine!

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  • Made with Spanish spices & recipe
  • Mild, semi-cured cooking sausage
  • Smoky and delicious
  • Perfect on the grill or in paella
  • U.S. made
  • Size - 2 x 12 oz/340 g - 8 Links Total

Our artisan cooking chorizo grills up juicy and full of smoky Spanish flavor! We make small batches of authentic chorizo sausage using top quality pork and smoked Pimentón de La Vera paprika. Food and Wine Magazine named it the 'Best New BBQ Sausage.'

We created authentic Spanish chorizo using only the finest ingredients. Smoked Spanish paprika, sea salt from Cádiz, fresh garlic and other top quality spices impart the true flavor of Spain. The paprika adds a mild yet smoky taste to the sausages and natural casings add a nice bite. Most importantly, they cook up tender and juicy.

This chorizo is great on the grill and perfect for your next Spanish paella. It can also be enjoyed as a breakfast sausage or simmered in red wine.

Your chorizo will arrive cold. It can be stored in the refrigerator for up to one week or for up to 8 weeks in the freezer. U.S. Made and USDA inspected.

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Customer Reviews

Average rating from 133 reviews
  • "excellent flavor, spice"

    Gary - COOK, MN August 2020

  • "awesome flavor"

    Diana - North Canton, OH July 2020

  • "Very good"

    Zoila - Wheeling , IL July 2020

  • "Good chorizo"

    Celso - New York, NY May 2020

  • "just perfect."

    michael - rindge, NH October 2019

  • "Does not taste much like product in Spain"

    YVETTE - SOUTH WEYMOUTH, MA October 2019

  • "Excellent flavor and price. Many uses."

    William - Alexandria, VA October 2019

  • "Disappointing flavor. More like a flavorful hotdog than a high quality chorizo "

    Sandi - Harpers Ferry, WV June 2019

  • "I made some Spanish bean soup and it was the best I have ever made. This was the only change."

    Paula - St Petersburg, FL May 2019

  • "Price is fair. They seem to have moved the production of this product and it is now made in the US. It is not quite as flavorful as it used to be. However, it is still very useful for paellas and bean stews and I will continue to use this product for that."

    R - Bel Air, MD April 2019

  • "Great product."

    Terry - Birch Run, MI April 2019

  • "I was expecting much more from this product. Substandard in all categories. Lacks flavor. Very dry. Does not create a traditional, paprika-rich sauce when sauteed. Worse than the products offered at local supermarkets."

    Substandard - Williamsburg, VA March 2019

  • "Delicious and great for paella "

    Sallie - Hillsborough , CA February 2019

  • "Excellent "

    Ivonne - New Hempstead , NY February 2019

  • "Delicious chorizo for paella!"

    Pat - Sterling, VA January 2019

  • "Delicious"

    John - Oak Leaf, TX December 2018

  • "Delicious with beans, rice and stew, I little more spice flavor will make it 5 stars."

    Sandra - Schaumburg, IL November 2018

  • "These packs go a long way. We made an amazing arroz con pollo using this chorizo. Excellent."

    Margaret - Blacksburg, VA September 2018

  • "Good but not as flavorful as I was hoping. "

    Natalia - Royal Oak, MI September 2018

  • "Allows me to cook the dishes my grandparents cooked!"

    Lita - Cleveland Hts, OH January 2018

  • "Tasty"

    Stephen - ALEXANDRIA, VA October 2017

  • "Love cooking chorizos"

    Alfred - Chesapeake, VA September 2017

  • "The chorizo adds so much flavor to my my Paella Dish. Made Paella without it once and everyone agreed they missed it. Never again!"

    Louie - Antioch, IL August 2017

  • "Absolutely delicious!!!"

    Jeannie - Philadelphia, PA August 2017

  • "Loved the Chorizos. Great service! "

    Jenny - Indianapolis, IN July 2017

  • "Used some in a paella and grilled on another occasion. Outstanding flavor. "

    Espanola - Lexington , KY July 2017

  • "My order was delivered in 48 hours in time for the 4th of July. Delicious for grilling. They were the hit of the cookout."

    Fran - Philadelphia, PA July 2017

  • "Not a bad Chorizo. I purchased it this time with a shared order for Paella to keep it authentic."

    William - Seattle, WA February 2017

  • "Beautifully produced. Wonderful smoky paprika flavor. High quality meat product. "

    BillN - Wynantskill, NY January 2017

  • "It was a Christmas gift to my friends. They loved it."

    Barbara - San Leandro, CA December 2016

  • "Exquisite flavors! Used it to enhance my Cajun Chicken w/ Creole Shrimp recipe & turned out perfect! Highly recommend!"

    Myrna - Lombard, IL December 2016

  • "Delicious as always. A true pleasure eating them"

    Antonio - Covington, VA December 2016

  • "Good!!!"

    ARTURO - San Antonio, Tx. , TX November 2016

  • "Full of flavor"

    MICHAEL - ABILENE, TX June 2016

  • "Delicious."

    Josefina - Sterling Heights, MI June 2016

  • "Fabulous product...highly recommend"

    Brad - Pittsburgh, PA April 2016

  • "perfect chorizo for a tapas. The slices brown up very nicely with a great taste and texture contribution to a meat paella or a mixta"

    CHARLES - Lansing, MI January 2016

  • "Great Stuff - an essential for perfect Paella"

    Brian - Monroe, VA January 2016

  • "Excellent will order this again"

    Harry - Richmond, CA January 2016

  • "Just wonderful"

    wayne - Dagsboro, DE January 2016

  • "Very nice. A bit mild (spice/heat level) for my tastes, but excellent texture and mouthfeel. Cooks up wonderfully."

    Don - Kent, OH January 2016

  • "Best we have had for our pallea since leaving Madrid! "

    Phil - Austin, TX December 2015

  • "It was fine."

    Rich - Queensbury, NY December 2015

  • "Great product"

    Dave - Murray, UT December 2015

  • "very good"

    KATHERINE - GREAT FALLS, VA November 2015

  • "excellent true flavor of spain great for my paella"

    Anthony - LAKEWOOD, NJ November 2015

  • "Great smokey paprika flavor"

    JEFF - KALAMAZOO, MI October 2015

  • "Awesome Spanish sausage. . The meat market where we used to buy Spanish sausage was sold and the sausage hasn't been the same since. The flavor is spot on but a bit salty. We will be purchasing more soon! Do you give a bulk rate for larger amounts, 20 pounds or more?"

    MARY - VALPARAISO, IN October 2015

  • "I didn't like that the casing on the chorizo came off as I was cutting it. The chorizo fell apart in pieces after that."

    Silvia - Pensacola, FL October 2015

  • " "

    ART - CHAPEL HILL, NC September 2015

  • "The chorizos that we ordered are some of the best from the U.S. that I have tasted. I also had similar ones in Spain and of course no one beats Spain when it comes to choizos but for being made here in the U.S. they were excellent."

    Elaine - Gary, Indiana June 2015

  • "Very tasty, excellent!"

    Ada - MOUNTAIN LAKES, New Jersey June 2015

  • "I have had domestic chorizo prior to this. This, by far is the best! I have made it with beans and macaroni, and paella. Excellent!!"

    John - Stormville, New York June 2015

  • "Delicious..."

    Ivan - Stafford, VA May 2015

  • "Excellent! We will be ordering again!"

    TINA - Ijamsville, Maryland May 2015

  • "Makes great grilled sausages - we use charcoal fire. Our favorite "hot dog"!"

    David - OAKLAND, CA May 2015

  • "Good taste and wonderful flavor"

    Daniel - Henderson, NV April 2015

  • "Delicious as always!"

    Michael - Valley Stream, NY March 2015

  • Frederick - Wilmington, DE March 2015

  • "Very tasty, if putting sliced into paella, wait about 7 minutes before adding."

    Moses - Brighton, MA February 2015

  • "This was the first cured meat I have ordered and now I look forward to trying other similar products. Used in Caldo Gallego, This Chorizo was excellent!!!"

    Teddy - Greenwood, DE February 2015

  • "tasty but a little salty."

    Bernadette - San Jose, CA February 2015

  • "Delicious ... Looking forward to using in my next paella."

    Charles - New Lenox, IL February 2015

  • Amri - Clarksville, MD February 2015

  • "An excellent, softer textured chorizo sausage for cooking. "

    Keith - Pittsburgh, PA February 2015

  • Faye - Colorado Springs, CO February 2015

  • "Very good. "

    Jan - Bloomingdale, New York January 2015

  • JORGE - HARRISON, NY January 2015

  • "Excellent, just like in Spain."

    Halfen - Oak Ridge, TN December 2014

  • Bert - Oakdale, CA December 2014

  • Allison - Alexandria, VA November 2014

  • LUIS - GERMANTOWN, MD November 2014

  • "Delicious. It's not quite as good as Old Lady Morena's who lived next door (thus only 4 stars), but better than any other I've tasted in the U.S. Whoever is making it is a prize!"

    hhilandera - NorCal, CA November 2014

  • Roland - Germantown, MD November 2014

  • Antonio - West Milford, NJ November 2014

  • "The best chorizo I ever had"

    Raquel - New York, NY October 2014

  • CARLA - FRUITLAND PARK, FL August 2014


  • victor - calabasas, CA July 2014

  • "I am never disappointed in the Artisan Chorizo."

    Armando - New Hartford July 2014

  • "Authentic flavor, was great on the grill."

    Robert - Greenfield, NH June 2014

  • "Bien excelente"

    Frank - Sacramento, California June 2014

  • Robert - Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts June 2014

  • PATTI - ATLANTA, GA April 2014

  • "Delicious!"

    Drew - Sebastian, FL April 2014

  • Susana - Rockville, MD April 2014

  • "The Chorizo sausage arrived fresh and it was delicious in my paella."

    ANN - WASHINGTON, DC March 2014

  • "I bought these for paella since I like cooking chorizo as well as the harder cured chorizo in mine. They didn't make it...we ate them and had to reorder. Smoky, delicious, incredible flavor."

    lynne - evanston, IL August 2013

  • George - MAHWAH, NJ June 2013

  • "These Artisan sausages and fabada beans are absolutely wonderful. After our recent trip to Spain I wanted to see if I could get close to duplicating the meal. Happily the ingredients were perfection. I will be ordering more and more. "


  • Michael - Seattle, WA June 2013

  • "Delicious sausage, giving great flavor to my dishes."

    Ines - Selden, NY June 2013

  • Frederick - Wilmington, NC June 2013

  • LUIS - GERMANTOWN, MD June 2013

  • "Good but certainly not the "real deal" like what you get in Spain. Unfortunately, it's the best we can get living in the U.S."

    Charlie - Huntersville, NC May 2013

  • "This is the most flavorful cooking chorizo I've ever tasted. It's now my go-to when I need or want chorizo in a dish."

    Eric - Woodbridge May 2013

  • TIMOTHY - Chicago, IL May 2013

  • EDWARD - FORT PIERCE, FL April 2013

  • Michael - Kingsport, TN April 2013

  • pamela - COLUMBUS, IN April 2013

  • "they were delicious, but disappointed that it has sodium nitrate in them"

    jk - KETCHUM, ID March 2013

  • "Excellent tasting chorizo. Would go well with pasta and any rice dishes. The chorizo gives a balance flavor of the spices along with the ground pork mixture. I highly recommend this chorizo sausage. It's truly special."

    Hildelitha - Plainfield, IL March 2013

  • Ron - Livermore, CA March 2013

  • "Best Chorizo I have ever had. If you think you don't like Chorizo you have never tasted this Chorizo!"

    Lupeta - Big Pine, CA March 2013

  • "can always count on your company for great and wonderful service and quality"

    PHILLIP - LEXINGTON, SC March 2013

  • "Very authentic tasting chorizo, excellent with lentejas and also fried in chunks and served with crusty bread. Yummy!"

    Rose - Granite Falls, WA February 2013

  • MARY - RENO, NV February 2013

  • "Good product"

    Terry - Farmington, CT February 2013

  • Gemma - Indianapolis, IN February 2013

  • John - Lexington, MA February 2013

  • "perfect for paella, huevos a la flamenca and so many dishes calling for a condiment level chorizo component"

    Bill - Hampstead, North Carolina January 2013

  • Kristine - Hinsdale, Massachusetts January 2013

  • "always delicious! "

    Cecilia - Chicago, Illinois January 2013

  • "Absolutely amazing taste. Will definitely reorder"

    Stephane - Norfolk, Virginia September 2012

  • "I shared it with my sons and we all like it very much."

    Fatima - Lincoln University, Pennsylvania August 2012

  • "The best Chorizo Sausage that we have experienced since moving back from Barcelona. My husband's Paella is out of this world and this Chorizo adds immensely to the flavor. Also delicious with eggs for breakfast. "

    Dr. - Yucca Valley, California July 2012

  • "This delicious chorizo came packed with ice bags to keep it fresh. It was wonderful marinated in Rioja and then roasted in a slow oven. Made great pinchos!"

    Christine - Mankato, Minnesota June 2012

  • "Excellent, delicious. This is the chorizo I grew up with, and loved eating. We will be ordering more. One review noted in a sauce, sounds great and will try. We have enjoyed all the products we have purchased. Thank you La Tienda. "

    Richard - December 2011

  • "Delicioso chorizo, la textura y el sabor le dan gran calidad ."

    Yeye - July 2011

  • "These are the best cooking chorizos we have ever tried. My wife and I enjoyed them very much."

    Walt - June 2011

  • "Great on the BBQ"

    jeff - June 2011

  • "Excellent for Paella, not greasy. We removed the outer skin and threw into the pan where we coarsely smashed it with a large kitchen spoon and turned out great"

    abelardo - May 2011

  • "I have been making a killer paella for years. But these sausages raised it to the next level. I can't wait to do it again."

    Arte - December 2010

  • "Delicious."

    Sharyl - August 2010

  • "Probably the best chorizo I've tasted! The seasoning is just right. Even my "picky" guests enjoyed it. "

    Fatima - July 2010

  • "Great sausage..."

    JMG - June 2010

  • david - June 2010

  • "These sausages were so great on the grill, we always serve sausages at our BBQ and these have been by far the best sausages we have served."

    Carlos - June 2010

  • Howard - May 2010

  • hans - May 2010

  • "These are great. Have used them for breakfast, appetizers, fritatas and Spanish rice. Great on the grill also with whatever veggie you throw on."

    agnet - March 2010

  • "Great chorizos. Perfect for frying and eating by itself or using in eggs, etc. Much softer than other chorizos offered on this site. Very tasty."

    Tony - July 2009

  • "Excellent! We fry it and almost at the very end add some nice red wine and it makes a great appetizer. Make sure you have lots of bread to dip up the juice! Also try it in pasta sauce - delicious!"

    Luis - July 2009

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