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Rustic Galician Bread Sampler

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Rustic Galician Bread Sampler

Delicious Sampler of Crusty Breads | BD-46

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  • Crusty, rustic bread
  • Includes 4 loaves and 6 rolls
  • Bake and serve
  • Pre-baked in Lugo, Galicia
  • Customer favorite

Fill your home with the aroma of freshly baked bread from Spain! These handmade loaves are one of Galicia’s specialties, renowned for their crispy crust and fluffy center. Ours are baked to within a few minutes of perfection at the bakery in Spain. All you do is bake them for ten minutes, and your kitchen will fill with wonderful enticing aromas, like the rustic bakeries of Santiago de Compostela!

This collection offers three types of traditional Galician bread so you can experience this regional delicacy. Each of these breads is perfect for lunch or dinner, especially alongside soups, stews or cheese plates. Included are 2 Barra Gallega loaves, 2 Barra Cantábrica loaves and 6 Panecillo Tetiña rolls.

Barra Gallega loaves are similar to wide baguettes, with a rustic crust and elastic interior. Barra Cantábrica loaves are exceeding light and airy, with a thin crisp crust. And Panecillo Tetiña rolls are great served with salad and for sandwiches. They are also great for gourmet hamburgers.

The secret to this special bread is the baker, tucked away in Lugo in the heart of Galicia. They use a natural ‘madre,’ or mother dough, which means each naturally shaped loaf is rustic and traditional.

You can store the bread for several days in the refrigerator, or several weeks in the freezer. For best results, thaw the bread before baking.

Sizes for the items included in this sampler are as follows: Barra Gallega - 2 loaves with approximate weight of 10 oz each, Barra Cantábrica - 2 loaves with approximate weight of 6 oz each and Panecillo Tetiña - 6 rolls with approximate weight of 2.5 oz each.

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