Ibérico Sausage Duo by Fermín

Ibérico Sausage Duo by Fermín

Two Mouthwatering Spanish Sausages

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  • Mild Ibérico chorizo and Salchichón sausages by Fermín
  • Made from Ibérico pork, found only in Spain
  • Cured in the Spanish mountains
  • Slice and serve, no refrigeration needed
  • Size - 2 x 7 oz/200 gr

Sausage lovers rejoice! The Fermin Ibérico sausage combo pairs two Ibérico sausages cured in the mountains near Salamanca. The cured meats are made from the famed Spanish black Ibérico pig. This sought-after pork is marbled with flavorful fats that melt in your mouth.

Serve this dynamic duo alongside Manchego or other hard cheeses and crackers or atop a toasted baguette with grilled red peppers.

The mild chorizo sausage is seasoned with smoky Pimentón de La Vera paprika from western Spain. It has a complex, meaty flavor and is red in color. The longaniza salchichón sausage is simply seasoned with sea salt and black pepper before it is hung to cure in the cool mountain air for several weeks. The pure Ibérico pork flavor is apparent in each delicious bite.

Both meats are made by Fermín, a family company based in the beautiful town of La Alberca, high in the mountains near Salamanca. The cool, dry air and short summer season are ideal for curing hams and sausages the age-old Spanish way.

Longaniza refers to the shape of this type of sausage, long and straight. Both meats arrive ready to slice and serve, no refrigeration needed.

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