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Milk Chocolate Bar with Orange and Cardamom


Milk Chocolate Bar with Orange and Cardamom

Creamy Organic Chocolate with Orange and Cardamom | CT-117

All Natural

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  • 36% milk chocolate bar
  • Delicate orange and cardamom accents
  • Premium Trinitario cacao
  • 100% organic
  • Handmade in Madrid
  • Size - 2.46 oz/70 gr

This wonderfully rich and creamy chocolate is flavored with natural orange for a bright citrus accent. Just a dash of organic cardamom adds a sensuous, aromatic note. Each bite of this special chocolate bar should be savored for its many levels of flavor.

Chocolate Orgániko is a small chocolatier located in Alalar de Henares, just outside of Madrid. It was founded by a young couple, María Eugenia Pozo and Carlos Ortiz, who wanted to create an exceptional line of organic chocolates from the finest cacao beans and other premium ingredients.

At Chocolate Orgániko, they source only 100% organic Trinitario cacao beans sustainably grown in the Dominican Republic and nearby Caribbean Islands. This finest of beans is a hybrid between the rare Criollo bean and the more common Forastero bean. Trinitario beans yield a chocolate with a rich balanced flavor and smooth texture.

Our friends at Chocolate Orgániko are constantly innovating, blending their fine cacao with other organic ingredients to create some of the most innovative and delicious chocolates in the world.

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