Spanish Mixed Olives by Peregrino

Spanish Mixed Olives by Peregrino

Marinated in Herbs and Garlic

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All Natural

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  • An olive for anyone's taste!
  • Nutty Arbequina olives
  • Tangy Empeltre olives
  • Crunchy green olives
  • Marinated in garlic and herbs
  • Size - 10 oz/300 gr drained wt

We love sitting on the deck with a glass of wine, nibbling on olives and sharing stories. These mixed olives have a taste for everyone - crunchy green olives, nutty little Arbequinas and tangy purple Empeltres. Marinated with garlic and herbs, this is a classic tapa ready at a moment's notice.

This trio includes three distinct olives from Spain: tiny nutty Arbequina olives from Cataluña, juicy Empeltre olives from Aragón and classic green olives from Andalucía.

It is a perfect collection to serve as a tapa, as there is an olive to suit everyone's taste. And a treat for the olive lover who may not have tasted all the types before.

Contains pits.