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‘Pata Negra’ Ham Hoof Keychain

Image for ‘Pata Negra’ Ham Hoof Keychain

‘Pata Negra’ Ham Hoof Keychain

3D Printed Ibérico Hoof Keychain | JA-01

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  • 3D printed plastic
  • The iconic black hoof of Ibérico hams
  • Based on a laser scan of an actual pata negra
  • A celebration of Spain’s iconic ham

Celebrate Spain’s iconic Ibérico ham with this whimsical ‘pata negra’ hoof keychain. Ibérico hams come from the special black Ibérico breed of pig, and the black hoof (‘pata negra’ in Spanish) is a traditional way to spot a ham of quality. Now you can carry your keys attached to this famous trotter, sure to be a conversation piece.

To make these mini Ibérico ham hooves, we started with a laser scan of the hoof of an actual Ibérico bone-in ham. Then we worked with a local company to 3D print each little hoof using durable food-grade plastic. Finally, we attached a keychain.

Special note: You may want to paint the hoof to make it look even more lifelike or to add a little flair. Acrylic model paints will adhere to the pata. If you do decide to decorate your pata in a festive way, please send us a photo that we can post! We will be doing a pata beauty contest on social media.

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