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San Simón Smoked Cow's Milk Cheese - Half Piece, 1 lb


San Simón Smoked Cow's Milk Cheese - Half Piece, 1 lb

Birchwood Smoked Cow’s Milk Cheese

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  • Buttery and mild
  • Pleasant smokiness
  • Made in Galicia
  • Pasteurized cow's milk
  • Size - 1 lb/453 gr

San Simón has an enticing smoky aroma and a distinctive conical shape. The cheese is creamy and mild, with a bright flavor and pleasant smokiness. The rind is a beautiful ochre color and has a taste somewhat like a creamy gouda.

This delicious cheese pairs nicely with freshly baked Galician bread and a glass of Albariño white wine. It also melts nicely and is great on canapés.

San Simón is protected by D.O.P. status, and its shape and flavor are carefully supervised to preserve this special cheesemaking tradition. Only fresh pasteurized milk of pasture-raised Galician Blonde cattle is used in the process. The freshly formed cheese is smoked for two hours over fresh birchwood, giving it a nut-brown color and enticing smokiness. Each cheese is then aged for about two months.

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