Sliced Ibérico Ham by Peregrino, Nitrate Free - 2 oz

Sliced Ibérico Ham by Peregrino, Nitrate Free - 2 oz

All Natural Jamón Ibérico - Freshly Sliced

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All Natural




  • Nitrate free, pasture-raised Ibérico ham
  • Mountain cured for over 2 years in Spain
  • Interleaved, easy to separate slices
  • Serve on warm plate with bread and fine wine
  • Freshly sliced at La Tienda
  • Size - 2 oz/56 gr

Jamón Ibérico is Spain's signature ham, made from Ibérico breed pork. This nitrate free Ibérico ham is aged for over two years in the mountains of Spain. Like an aged Manchego cheese or a glass of fine wine, each bite has many layers of flavor. Jamón Ibérico ham is low in salt compared to most ham, allowing the levels of taste to take center stage. Serve on a warm plate with good bread and a fine wine.

We slice imported pasture-raised Ibérico ham at La Tienda so that you can enjoy the freshest jamón possible. The slices are interleaved for easy separation. We use only all-natural hams, with no added nitrates or nitrites.

Ibérico is the name of the famous breed of black pig indigenous to Spain. There are two levels of quality depending on how the animals are raised. This sliced ham is from Ibérico pigs that raised on pasture, enjoying regular feed. The ultimate quality is called Jamón Ibérico de Bellota, which is made from Ibérico pigs that feast on acorns ('bellota') in the fall. It usually costs twice as much as normal Ibérico and is also available.

Ibérico ham is hung to cure for two to three years in the mountains of Spain. As the seasons change from the cold of winter through spring and summer, 40% of the fat melts away, bathing the ham in flavor. As the second year passes, the ham undergoes complex changes that produce incredible layers of flavor. The result is a tender and delicious ham, deep red in color with a very mild saltiness.

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