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Terra Cotta Cazuelas - 8 Inches (4 Dishes)


Terra Cotta Cazuelas - 8 Inches (4 Dishes)

Premium Quality Terra Cotta Dishes

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  • Handmade by skilled artisans
  • Great for serving soups & stews
  • Lead-free, food-safe
  • Size - 4 x 24 oz/3 cups

Cazuelas, terra cotta dishes, have been used in Spain since antiquity. They are the oldest manifestations of domestic life -- and can be seen at every archeological dig dealing with Iberian housing. Cazuelas are one of the original vessels used for a developing cuisine.

Our cazuelas are clearly the best you can buy. They are made according to a Roman formula which has been employed for centuries in this area of Spain near the Pyrenees.

Although terra cotta is nothing more complicated than moistened clay, fired with an interior glaze so it can hold liquids, this particular cazuela is made of a special clay to which small pebbles have been added to strengthen the bowl and increase its heat retention. They are fired at a higher temperature for durability.

These handsome cazuelas may be brought to the table straight from the oven. An 8-inch diameter dish is a good size to roast almonds, serve fabada stew, calamares, or other traditional dishes.

The glaze on the cazuelas is lead-free: safe for the stovetop or oven.

How to Cure Your New Cazuela for Cooking:

If you are planning on cooking with your cazuela, you will need to soak and cure it using the following directions.

Soak the entire dish in water to cover for 12 hours. Drain and wipe dry. Rub the unglazed bottom with a cut clove of garlic (we are not sure how the garlic works, but why argue with tradition?) Fill the dish with water to 1/2 inch below the rim, then add 1/2 cup of vinegar. Place the dish on a flame-tamer over low heat and slowly bring the water to a boil (no flame tamer? Crumple a sheet of aluminum foil and create a ring that you place over your burner to create about an inch of space between the heat and the cazuela).

Let the liquid boil down until only about 1/2 cup remains. Cool slowly and wash. Your cazuela is ready for use - the garlic has created a seal. This technique has been used since the Middle Ages. It seasons the pot, kills bacteria and hardens the unglazed parts.

Alternate method:

Especially if you intend to use the cazuela to cook strong flavored fish or seafood, after soaking, rub the inside of the base with olive oil and put into a preheated 300 degree oven for 1 1/2 hours. Turn off the heat and let cool. Either method will strengthen your cazuela.

To clean, soak in sudsy water and scrub with a soft brush to remove any hardened food.

If you have not used the cazuela for an extended period of time, you may need to re-cure it before use.

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Customer Reviews

Average rating from 16 reviews
  • "Excellent dish for heat retention and serving to the table, or on the Buffet"

    Richard - Marshall, MI June 2019

  • "The perfect gift for anyone who loves being in the kitchen "

    Armaan - Los Angeles , CA May 2019

  • "Exactly what I needed. Good quality. Timely delivery. "

    Antonia - Sunnyvale , CA October 2017

  • "I absolutely love these! They are perfect with Southwestern culture and décor. Perfect size and shape for muscles, stews, paella, salads, tacos, burritos, etc. I use them for appetizers (e.g., layer egg salad, then cream cheese with chives, then caviar; a layered bean and cheese dip; artichoke dip, etc.) I use them indoors and outdoors. They go from the oven, to the table to the refrigerator. I can't praise them enough. Don't hesitate - get these!"

    Rissy - Culver City, CA December 2016

  • "Very nice dishes for an entrée salad or soup! "

    Michael - Greensburg, PA March 2015

  • Eva - THE WOODLANDS, TX November 2014

  • "Loved them They will make a perfect gift."

    Mary - Wilmington, North Carolina October 2014

  • "Love this set of 4 cazuelas, sturdy and very useful!"

    rebecca - oakland, CA October 2014

  • "The possibilities are unlimited with these individually-sized but generously-sized cazuelas. They're handsome, versatile and gorgeously rustic. Ours are about to be christened with individual servings of cassoulet, but clearly they'll be used again and again for other dishes. "

    Larchhill - Norwalk, CT October 2014

  • "These are fabulous!! Hey Elaine, you should actually use the product before offering a review!"

    Douglas - Tampa, FL March 2014

  • JOHN - HAMBURG, NJ April 2013

  • Sabrina - Terrebonne, Quebec January 2013

  • "bought them to make individual servings of flat enchiladas - from oven to table. They worked as hoped. Very happy with theway they performed!"

    clint - Denver, Colorado August 2012

  • "I have not used the Cazuelas as yet, but wanted a set of 8 for future use. The delivery was much faster than I expected, and am anxious to try a chicken and chorizo recipe I have using these dishes. I could not give a higher rating at time because I have not actually used them yet."

    Elaine - Sacramento, California July 2012

  • "these cazuelas are great, only complaint , they do not nest (slightly different configuration)with 2 that I purchased some time ago. At that time you could purchase a 2pk. but wanted at least 2more so went for the 4pk. Couldn't nest them together properly so, hence, they take more room in my tiny bureau & difficult to get at various cazuelas wanting to use for a particular meal. LaTienda, please package products in smaller quantities."

    patty - September 2010

  • D. - August 2010

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