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Tortilla Española Potato Omelet by Peregrino

Rated 5 Stars
Image for Tortilla Española Potato Omelet by Peregrino

Tortilla Española Potato Omelet by Peregrino

All Natural, Made in La Rioja | SU-46

All Natural

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  • 2 - $14
  • 4 - $27 (3% savings)
  • 6 - $38 (9% savings)
  • All natural, no preservatives
  • Classic Spanish comfort food
  • Made with eggs and potatoes
  • Pan fry or microwave
  • Ready in minutes
  • Size - 1.1 lbs/500 gr

Spanish tortilla, made from potatoes and eggs, is one of the great comfort foods of Spain. Served hot or cold, it hits the spot as a delicious snack. It is a favorite tapa in bars and cafés across Spain. Now you can enjoy this Spanish classic at home in just a few minutes!

This tasty tortilla is all natural - just potatoes, eggs, oil, garlic and salt. Tortillas made from Spanish potatoes have a special flavor you can only find in Spain - even homemade tortillas we've cooked don't capture the authentic taste we remember from visits to Spain.

Tortilla Española is such a classic that every Spaniard claims that his or her mom makes the best tortilla in Spain. Now you can enjoy great tortilla at home - simply heat up this tasty tortilla and serve it in a matter of minutes!

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Customer Reviews

Average rating from 6 reviews Rated 5 Stars
  • Rated 5 Stars

    "Quite authentic"

    GF - San Diego, CA December 2021

  • Rated 4 Stars

    "muy acertada en cuanto al sabor"

    María - SAN MATEO DE GALLEGO, SC October 2021

  • Rated 5 Stars

    "I love your tortilla Espanola, it reminded me of the ones I ate while staying in Barcelona."

    Luis - CHICAGO, IL September 2021

  • Rated 5 Stars

    "My wife came to love tortillas during her time as a student in Madrid, so we were very very happy to find, on a visit to the Williamsburg area several years ago, that it was possible to obtain authentic Spanish tortillas from La Tienda. Ever since, we've kept a supply in our freezer. They're great for a quick lunch or a light dinner, and we highly recommend them."

    F - New York, NY July 2021

  • Rated 5 Stars

    "Tasty and fresh, great for breakfast, lunch or dinner!"

    Maria - Edwardsville, IL June 2021

  • Rated 5 Stars


    GAYLE - Laredo, TX May 2021

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