Your 2017 Holiday Gift Guide Cometh (Part 1)

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December 8, 2017

FlavorfulWorld Staff

If you’ve hung with us around holiday season at any point in the past, then you know by now that we love to share gifting ideas. Maybe this is because we know that it’s a hapless, helpless, terrible feeling to want to give someone something special for the holiday, but have no idea what that something special should be. Or maybe it’s because we just like collecting cool merchandise onto one page for your perusal and potential purchase. Either way, have at these food and drink-related gift ideas we hope will help to make the season bright for those you love.

For the Home Cook Who Hasn’t Yet Delivered on That Promise of Paella

Mini Paella Kit with Pan in Gift Box by Peregrino

Many of us know someone who has long desired to dabble in a particular cuisine, but hasn’t yet gotten around to it. If that cuisine is Spanish and the dish is paella, then here is the opportunity to have a go at it. This gift set from popular online Spanish culinary market La Tienda comes with a paella pan and 5 ingredients for a finished meal that will serve two people. Enjoy it with a good bottle of wine, and this gift could mark the first step on a lifelong journey of good cooking in a new way.

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