Almond Marzipan Figures by 1880

Almond Marzipan Figures by 1880

Figuritas de Mazapán - Almond Sugar Figures

Item: TR-28



  • Almond and sugar figures
  • 50% almonds
  • A classic Spanish holiday sweet
  • Serve with coffee or tea
  • Size - 7 oz/200 gr

These delightful little marzipan figures are formed from ground almonds (50%) and sugar, then toasted until golden. The whimsical marzipan 'figuritas' are a sweet tradition that goes back centuries. They have a soft bite and delicious toasted flavor. Serve with coffee or tea.

Turrones 1880 is a legendary turrón maker from the town of Jijona, family owned and operated since 1725. They are known to make the highest quality turrón candy in Spain.

At the battle of Navas de Tolosa in the year 1212, it is said that the nuns of the San Clemente convent took care of the wounded soldiers. According to tradition, they ground up their stores of almonds in mortars and pestles, then kneaded them together with sugar to create emergency rations. This type of bread (pan) produced with a pestle (maza) is supposed to have given rise to the name mazapán in Spanish - marzipan in English.

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