Black Olive and Sweet Pepper Tapenade by Torremar

Black Olive and Sweet Pepper Tapenade by Torremar

Smooth, Rich Spread

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All Natural

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  • Flavorful spread for toast or crackers
  • Cuquillo black olives and roasted pepper
  • All natural, no artificial preservatives
  • Full olive flavor with sweet red pepper
  • Delicious on grilled vegetables and pasta
  • Size - 3.5 oz/100 gr

Cuquillo black olive and red pepper tapenade blends rich black olives and sweet roasted red peppers for a creamy smooth spread. The tangy sweet of the peppers balances with the flavor of ripe olives make this an exceptional spread for canapes, crackers or a flavor boost for pasta.

This delicious tapenade will add flavor to an endless number of dishes. Spread it on crackers and top it with cheese and a slice of piquillo pepper for tapas. Thin the tapenade with extra virgin olive oil to use as a dip for bread or swirl it into vinaigrette for a great savory salad. A touch of this creamy tapenade will enhance grilled vegetables and fish and makes a delicious spread on your favorite sandwich.

Cuquillo olives are a rare variety of black olives from Murcia that are naturally ripened, never dyed. They have a rich, buttery texture and mild bitterness. They are blended with roasted red bell peppers with no added sugars or flavors.

Torremar is a fourth-generation company from Torrevieja, near the coastal city of Alicante. 

Refrigerate after opening.

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