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Boneless Jamón Serrano by Peregrino - FREE SHIPPING!

Sale Image for Boneless Jamón Serrano by Peregrino - FREE SHIPPING!

Boneless Jamón Serrano by Peregrino - FREE SHIPPING!

Delicious Aged Ham from Spain, 9-11 lbs | JM-148

All Natural

jm-148 jm-148
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  • Mountain cured for 18 months in Spain
  • Slice thinly by hand or in a meat slicer
  • Keeps fresh refrigerated for several weeks
  • Can be quartered and shared
  • USDA inspected
  • Size - About 9-11 lbs

A Spanish icon for a variety of tapas and traditional regional recipes, our Peregrino Jamón Serrano is dry-cured for over 18 months. It has a much deeper flavor and firmer texture than other cured hams. The best way to enjoy fresh, flavorful slices of jamón is by cutting from the whole ham right before serving. The boneless Jamón Serrano allows you to add this emblematic meat into entertaining menus and everyday meals with ease.

This boneless variety stays fresh in the refrigerator for several weeks. Add the flavor of Spain to your everyday: slice it up and share with friends, make delectable sandwiches, or carve off chunks for soups, salads or meat and cheese snacks. Use extra trimmings as seasoning for paella, sautéed vegetables or traditional cocidos and stews. You can also cut substantial pieces to share with friends and family.

Jamón is the iconic flavor of Spanish cuisine, featured prominently in virtually every restaurant and family kitchen. The Spanish regard jamón as both a cultural icon and an everyday indulgence. The curing process is a sacred art honoring traditions that date back thousands of years.

We tasted dozens of hams from across Spain and selected this premium version to become our Peregrino Jamón Serrano. Peregrino is our own house brand and features products we have discovered during our 40 years of exploration in Spain.

Each boneless selection is accompanied with care and handling instructions.

No cooking required.

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