Bread, Cheese and Cured Meats Sampler

Bread, Cheese and Cured Meats Sampler

Ham, Cheese, Bread & Chorizo

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  • Four customer favorites
  • Great for tapas, easy to serve
  • Fantastic gift
  • Serrano ham and Spanish cheese flight
  • Galician bread and natural chorizo sausage

What would we serve if we had to choose four great Spanish foods that are both delicious and sure to please almost any palate? Here is our answer, four of our most popular foods: delicate cured Serrano ham, crusty bread from Galicia, smoky chorizo sausage and our herb, spice and wine cheese flight.

First we have dry cured Jamón Serrano. This mountain cured ham has a delicious flavor enjoyed at every restaurant and cafe across Spain. It comes sliced thin, ready to serve at a moment's notice.

Next we have four loaves of authentic bread from Galicia. Par-baked in northwestern Spain, simply heat it in the oven for ten minutes for a crusty loaf with a light, airy interior. There is no other bread like it!

Enjoy the smoky flavor of chorizo sausage from La Rioja, in central Spain. This all natural chorizo is cured with the famous smoked paprika of Extremadura, Pimenton de la Vera, and is ready to slice and serve.

The final item is our herb, spice and wine cheese flight from La Mancha. First is a Manchego sheep's milk cheese infused with fresh rosemary, second is a mild goat and sheep's milk cheese mixed with red wine. The third cheese is also a goat and sheep's milk cheese, with the addition of smoky Pimentón de La Vera.

Weights for the items included in this sampler are as follows: Cheese Flight - 3 wedges, 5.6 oz each, Jamón Serrano - 4 oz package, Palacios chorizo - 6.5 oz and Galician bread - 4 loaves, total of 2.4 pounds.

These products do not come packed in a gift box and will not be packed separately from other products in your order.

(We may substitute products of equal or finer quality for those shown in photo.)