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Trio of Rabitos Royale Gourmet Fig Bonbons (18 Pieces Total)

Trio of Rabitos Royale Gourmet Fig Bonbons (18 Pieces Total)

Three Versions of Chocolate Stuffed Figs | CT-123

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  • Three boxes of sophisticated bonbons
  • Original dark chocolate with brandy
  • Milk chocolate with salted caramel
  • White chocolate with strawberry
  • 18 individually wrapped bonbons
  • Size - 10.3 oz/292 gr

This beautiful gift box trio holds a treasure trove of delectable little fig bon bons. Rabitos Royale are a sophisticated sweet that has become our most popular confection. This special collection features three versions: the classic dark chocolate and brandy, the delicate white chocolate with a hint of strawberry and a new favorite, milk chocolate dipped figs stuffed with salted caramel.

Little Calabacita figs from Extremadura in western Spain are at the heart of these bonbons. This fig is perfect for stuffing because its delicate flavor balances beautifully with the chocolate without too strong of a fig flavor.

The first box holds six of the original Rabitos Royale, which are stuffed with a chocolate brandy ganache, then dipped by hand in rich dark chocolate. No wonder they are such a favorite!

A more recent style is the white chocolate Rabitos. They are filled with a white chocolate strawberry ganache and then dipped in even more white chocolate.

Our newest favorite is the salted caramel version. Each fig is stuffed with milk chocolate and salted caramel ganache, then dipped in even more luxurious milk chocolate.

This collection includes three separate boxes of Rabitos Royale bonbons, one for each flavor. Each bonbon is separately packaged in foil for freshness.

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