Mild Ibérico Longaniza Chorizo Sausage by Fermín

Mild Ibérico Longaniza Chorizo Sausage by Fermín

All Natural Spanish Ibérico Sausage

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All Natural



  • From 'Pata Negra' Ibérico pork
  • All natural, no preservatives, nitrate free
  • Seasoned with garlic and smoked paprika
  • Made in Spain
  • Cured in the Spanish mountains
  • Size - 7 oz/200 gr

This delicious chorizo is a dry-cured sausage made from the famous Ibérico pork of Spain. Seasoned with the smoky paprika from western Spain, it has a deep red color and a complex meaty flavor. Slice thinly and serve with fresh bread and a glass of great Spanish wine.

Our friends at Jamones Fermín use 100% Spanish Ibérico pork to create these classic 'longaniza' chorizos. The sausages are hung to cure for several weeks in the cool mountain air in the village of La Alberca, following methods that have been passed down for centuries. No preservatives, additives or nitrates are used in their production.

Ibérico chorizo sausage is made from pork of the famed black-hoofed Ibérico pig, native to Spain. This type of pork is dark red and marbled with flavorful fats that start to melt at room temperature. While not finished on acorns or 'bellota' like the Ibérico de Bellota designated pork, the flavor of these chorizos is superb.

'Jamones y Embutidos Fermín' was the first producer of Ibérico chorizo and jamón to be approved for export to the U.S. This family company is based in the beautiful town of La Alberca high in the mountains near Salamanca. The cool, dry air and short summer season are ideal for curing hams and sausages the age-old Spanish way.

'Longaniza' refers to the shape of this type of chorizo sausage, long and straight. This Ibérico chorizo is ready to slice and serve, no refrigeration needed.

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