Jumbo Gordal Olives by Torremar - Pitless

Jumbo Gordal Olives by Torremar - Pitless

Firm, Crisp and Easy to Stuff

Item: OL-94

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  • Flavorful and firm, not too salty
  • Extra large, perfect for stuffing
  • Fourth-generation olive maker
  • Whole pitless olives
  • Serve chilled
  • Size - 4.9 oz/140 gr drained wt

Our extra large pitted Gordal olives have a meaty texture and a crisp bite. And because they are so big, it is easy to stuff them with your favorite pairing, from goat cheese to sun dried tomato. We like to add strips of wood-fire roasted piquillo peppers for the ultimate pimiento stuffed olive.

Our plump Gordal olives are expertly brined and pitted by fourth generation olive maker, Torremar. Much less salty than typical olives, the pure flavor and texture of the Gordals shine through. Serve as a nibble with a glass of wine or add to your favorite cocktail.

Serve these olives well chilled and store in the refrigerator after opening.

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