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Olla de Hierro – Traditional Stew Pot


Olla de Hierro – Traditional Stew Pot

Cast Iron – For Cocidos and Fabada

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  • Solid cast iron
  • Traditional Spanish stew pot
  • For hearty fabada and other stews
  • Interior coated with enamel for easy cleaning
  • Size - Holds 2 quarts

Hearty stews flavored with chorizo and smoky paprika are a delicious tradition, especially in central and northern Spain. The stews simmer in a pot for hours while the flavors of these classic dishes develop into a beautiful balance of flavors. Whether your recipe calls for beans such as fabada, garbanzos or lentils, this rustic iron stew pot is the perfect way to prepare the cocidos and other stews of Spain.

Traditionally a hefty iron ‘olla’ stew pot would sit over a wood fire in Spanish homes, bubbling with delicious flavors. Our supplier uses solid iron to cast these heavy duty pots, recreating the cookware tradition of old. This 2 quart pot can sit right on your stove, with the solid iron retaining heat as it cooks. The interior is coated with enamel so that it is easy to clean. Each pot comes with a fitted lid to keep the moisture and flavor inside where it belongs.

Clean your ‘olla’ stew pot with soapy water before first use. After each use, clean by hand and coat lightly with sunflower oil to prevent rust. The pot will change color over time, taking on a bit of the flavor of each stew you prepare. This solid iron pot will last for generations.

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Customer Reviews

Average rating from 12 reviews
  • "Perfect"

    Scot - Columbus, OH February 2020

  • "I received mine several weeks ago. It was just as featured and I used it the following day. Beans, chorizo, onions, garlic, and smoked paprika. It was great and I love that pot."

    Jud - Summerfield, FL December 2019

  • "Rigourous testing from the moment it arrived has proven this is perfect way to prepare both simple and complex dishes. Rice steamed to delicate perfection, beans sealed in a perfect environment to bask in broth and seasonings . The result exquisite flavor and nutrients are sealed in resulting in a rich velvety broth."

    DELISE - OVID, MI October 2018

  • "This little pot is great!. It's for feeding a couple friends and sharing a meal. It holds heat very good. Fit's on very small woodburners. Up to the operator to have the fire right. Simmer all day in the rain, or just keep warm. Up to the operator. "

    G - Huron, OH November 2017

  • "The bean pot is great! It's nice and heavy and the lid has a snug fit. The inside is enameled, so it's easier to clean. I made a batch of pinto beans (using some agridulce smoked paprika) and they were really good. I used to cook beans in a regular large sauce pan, but I like the bean pot much better."

    Cris - Carbondale, IL February 2017

  • "Smaller than expected, although it was exactly as listed. Good construction."

    Perry - Pearland, TX November 2015

  • "Pues aqui en USA venden ''pucheros de hierro' por lo menos en Lancaster Pa. ''dutch oven'' que es similar (no exactamente igual. Lo usan bastante los Amish y gente de origenes Pen.Dutch. Este de aqui parece muy bueno y original. Gracias."

    cpmt - Lancaster , PA November 2015

  • "This pot is totally unnecessary. I got it to make arroz meloso in an authentic Valencian pot. One could make it in any old pot, but that wouldn't be nearly as much fun. There are many more rice dishes in Valencia than just paella. arroz caldoso which is very soupy and arroz meloso (medio caldoso) which is not quite as soupy. I'm much more likely to make them in this pot than otherwise, but it isn't essential. Miguel"


  • "Good pot. Looks even better in reality. Thank you. "

    BORIS - Danville, CA May 2015

  • "The only one like it that I have ever found. I am very pleased"

    frank - old saybrook, CT December 2014

  • Norma - Tijuana, B.C., CA November 2014

  • "I'm a big fan of cast-iron skillets but have never had a cast-iron pot. It's fab for stews, etc., on a smaller scale - I've already cooked lentilles du Puy and pinquito beans in it. Apparently there's also a five-liter size."

    Paul - Washington, DC November 2014

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