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Sliced Ibérico Chorizo by Palacios - All Natural

Image for Sliced Ibérico Chorizo by Palacios - All Natural

Sliced Ibérico Chorizo by Palacios - All Natural

Premium Cured Sausage from Spain | CZ-100

All Natural

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  • All natural, no nitrates or nitrites
  • Made from premium Ibérico pork
  • Thinly sliced, ready to serve
  • No refrigeration needed
  • Cured in Spain
  • Size - 3.5 oz/99 gr

Thinly sliced Spanish Ibérico chorizo can be enjoyed at a moment's notice, perfect for cured meats platters or simply enjoyed with bread and a glass of wine. This all natural mild sausage is made with premium Ibérico pork, adding a complex, rich flavor.

Palacios chorizo is cured following an old family recipe in the famous wine region of La Rioja. Using only Ibérico pork, paprika, salt and garlic, this delicious chorizo is all natural, with no nitrates or other preservatives.

Ibérico is a special type of pork only found in Spain. This breed of pork has a deep red color and rich marbling. Ibérico chorizo has a smoother texture and richer taste than typical cured sausages.

This sliced chorizo is fully dry-cured and ready to serve with no refrigeration needed until opened. Palacios was the first chorizo from Spain allowed in the United States, and was featured in the The New York Times as well as Wine Spectator magazine.

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